Prompt, Precise Excavation

3D CONSTRUCTION, LLC specializes in underground utilities. Providing grading, trenching, and other services in Pahrump, Nevada. Natives to this community for more than 40 years and more than two decades in the construction industry. We know the soil and can offer suggestions for optimal land development.


Underground Utilities & Trenching:


We dig trenches and install the conduit, CJE’s, and PMT’s.


We dig trenches, set boxes, and install conduits.


Includes installation and repairs.


We install water main lines, fire hydrants, RPPA’s, RPDA’s, AMS’s, and water laterals. Includes repairs to existing services.

Grease Traps

This includes the installation of drains.


This includes plumbing trenches, block walls, houses, buildings, and pre-masonry.  


We install sewer main lines, manholes, septic tanks, and leach lines. Including repairs to existing systems and services.


We offer pads for houses, garages, sheds, CJEs, PMTs, and commercial buildings

Lot Clearing

We offer weed removal, tree removal, trash cleanup, and more.


This is available for roads, driveways, parking lots, bar ditches, and various parcels.


We offer this for all your utility and development needs

Storm Drains

Installation, camera, maintenance, and repairs of Storm drain systems.