3D Construction has the right equipment for the job.

See our list of equipment below

Mini Excavator

Able to fit in openings as small as 39″ wide.
Great for use in buildings, tight areas, and projects with existing landscape.


Complete with clam bucket, compaction wheel, and extendahoe. Several bucket sizes available.

Water Truck

Dust control, street cleaning, moisture for pads, trenches, and more.

Hydro Vac Truck

Used as an alternative to excavating with a digger, the hydro vac quickly and safely exposes underground infrastructures. Pairs nicely with the camera truck to jet and clean storm drain lines and various pipe.

Camera Truck

Video Pipeline Inspection System complete with audio and video recording.

Mini Bobcat™

Able to fit in openings as small as 36″ wide.
Great for those hard to access areas.

Vibrating Roller

4′ wide machine that can be used to compact jobs ranging from asphalt, dirt, and gravel.

Gravel Truck

We offer any size load from 5 yrd dump to 20 yrds of materials delivered as well as haul off of debris.

Remote Vibratory Ditch Compactor

What comes out must be compacted back in. We offer several types of ditch compaction options.

Street Sweeper

Mid sized broom with water great for construction clean up, parking areas, and roads.


With hydraulic Crane that assists in lifting heavy
and sometimes unconventionally shaped items.
Jib max of 56ft, flatbed, and optional Hoist.

Road Grader

With a full size blade capiable of final grading for any pre construction of parking lots, Roads, subdivisions, and more.

Jumping Jack & Jack Hammer

Ideal for ultimate compaction and stubborn areas needing special attention.


We offer several different sized machines for excavating jobs big or small.


Ideal for digging out pads or loading materials. Great for assisting in demolition, clearing brush, and debris.

Gannon Tractor

Box Blade is great for ripping, smoothing, and contouring land. Primarily used for leveling, grading, backfilling and spreading materials.